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Couples therapy in Gainesville


Learn how to manage conflict, communicate, and connect!

Does this sound like your relationship?

Bickering and nitpicking

Walking on eggshells

Lack of intimacy

Lonely and distant

Feeling like you aren't on the same page

Feeling like you are aren't heard

Happy Couple

What to expect in my counseling process:

With a more structured approach than traditional couples therapy, we will identify 2-3 goals to actively work on in and out of therapy sessions. Instead of venting or putting out fires weekly, we will identify unhelpful patterns and make effective changes. 

Couples Therapy

Initial Assessment

We start with understanding where the relationship stands, and identify your therapy goals.

Marriage therapy

Regular Schedule

Weekly and bi-weekly in-person sessions to meet your schedule. 

Relationship counseling

Practical Application

I help you learn and practice new skills to communicate more effectively. 

Couples and Marriage therapist Gainesville, FL
Amber Tucker, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
in practice since 2010 

I have a passion for helping people overcome their challenges, especially working with couples to reconnect and have the relationship they desire. 

Most couples come to me because they feel disconnected, unheard, and frustrated with their relationship. I have found that a structured, guiding approach helps couples to achieve their goals most effectively.


I love witnessing my couples' transformation, and am grateful to be a part of their recovery. I would love to discuss how I may help your relationship!


How to start working with me!

Submit your information

Message me to learn more about my couples program.

Schedule your assessment

Our initial assessment will allow us to target areas to work on. 

Begin the work

Start communicating and addressing the underlying issues.

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