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Can you Benefit from Therapy?

You see it on television shows, your friend is talking about it, and you heard about it on a podcast…therapy. You ask yourself, "Can therapy help me?" The reality is, the majority of people would benefit from engaging in therapy. We all deal with disagreements with our partners; stress from work; parenting struggles; financial concerns; and grief, at some point in our lives. The human condition can bring us such joy, yet pain and fear, as well. You can get support and direction to deal with all of these things from an experienced therapist.

Here are 5 ways you may benefit from therapy:

1. You can process your feelings. Therapy can help you deal with the emotions of life stressors, even if they aren’t life-altering. I hear folks say, “I let go of that,” or “I’m over it,” when they haven’t allowed themselves to truly feel their emotions yet. Processing feelings can provide a sense of clarity and allow us to move forward.

2. You can learn communication skills in therapy. The majority of couples I work with struggle with effective and healthy communication. We often begin by correcting unhealthy habits, and creating space to listen to one another. This is an invaluable skill that can be applied to all of our relationships.

3. You can become closer to your partner. Couples can choose not to wait until there is a glaring problem in their relationship before seeking help. Why not take the time for preventative maintenance, rather than waiting for the relationship to break down before asking for help?

4. Therapy is a practice of self-care. So many of us are caretakers for other people, either personally or professionally. Let it be all about you for one hour and focus on your needs. Giving yourself this time can make a huge difference in how you feel and interact with others.

5. Our children can benefit. In therapy, we learn new skills and tools, such as the ones listed above. These are things that we can teach our children. For example, processing feelings together; solving problems; and using healthy coping skills to deal with challenges.

If you are reading this, chances are you are considering counseling. If you think that one of these potential benefits apply to you, give therapy a try. To learn more about therapy services and resources in Gainesville, check out my website at

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